Refracted spring/summer 2019 is a collection inspired by my childhood love for creating light movement using sparklers. What began as playful experimentation evolved into a more intentional creative process.

As I grew up and began to use the shutter speed function on my camera to create beautiful light movement photographs. The Refracted collection is made up of printed garments that are pulled up and in by strings, giving them a fun youthful look.

The garments have been developed to give the collection a sporty vibe. The colour palette used in this collection is bright and vibrant which is appropriate for a spring/summer collection.

This collection uses a lot of Chiffon and georgette to create beautiful draped garments. String is used in different ways on different fabrics to create interesting looks. The Refracted collection is bold, the pieces make a statement.

look 1

look 2

look 3

look 4

look 5

look 6

look 7

look 8

look 9

look 10

look 11

look 12

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